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whole realm, and plunder and carry away the ryots as
prisoners of war. The enemies should be put down In time.
On this occasion, without hesitating to spend money, you
should gather all kinds of forces, by honouring the vazirs,
umras, and men of noble families with the presentation of
jewels suited to their status and dignity."

When the Narapati heard this petition of the astapradha-
nas, commanders, captains and other officers of the whole
kingdom,* he was greatly delighted, and having caused money
to be brought from the treasury, he distributed it with tawlulax
to all the courtiers and sepoys; he then commanded that the
war materials and the tents should be taken outside the city;
and despatched (towards the frontier) some companies of his
faithful vanguard. Then he retired into the zenana.

(Rajabhuvara) went into the palace of his senior wife,
Satyabhama.f He seated himself on a jewelled cotj ...he
who possessed the eight aisvaryas enjoyed the eight bhogas.
Then he visited the houses of his sixty-four wives such as
Devacintamani,§ Tiruvengalamma, Subhadra, Mitravinda,
Jambavati, Radha, (Mohini, Camavarni etc.),$ and presented
to them valuable articles even as he had done to his first wife,
—and drank with them. Next, he distributed presents to
all. Havinsr thus honoured his sons, friends, and wives, he
climbed up to the ccwdra§ala where his mother was dwelling
and prostrated himself at her feet with great humility. His
mother, who was greatly delighted, blessed him and having
waved (before him) (a plate) filled with the gems of nine
varieties and flowers made of gold to avert evU eye, she

* When this despatch was pernsed in the Great Council  of State   when the 8
pradanees, the Dajavoy SSnSpatee and other chiefs were present &c.—/". O. Jlf.f p. 178.
f Sattee Banna.—/. O. M,} p. 178.
J A portion of the text which enumerates the jewels, dress, flowers, etc., which
RSjibhflvara is said to hare presented to Ms wife i* not translated as it is of no histori-
§ Chintamani—L 0, jW., p. 182.
$ ThM* two 0*10*3 are not mentioned xa /. O, Jl*